Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Facilities Offered By Storage Unit Companies


The use of a storage unit has become very popular nowadays mainly because people tend to accumulate far too many household items and since they do not wish to discard the old stuff, they are forced to store the excess goods in a mini storage. When a person is moving from one home to another, whether in the same city or elsewhere, there is a need to store household goods for the necessary shifting time period that is. If one wants to remodel or renovate his home, he would also need to use a storage unit to keep his household goods when the renovation work is going on in the house.


Facilities Offered by a Storage Unit


The amount and type of services being offered by self storage units have improved over the years. Other related services are also being offered to customers so that they do not have to take on the entire stress and headache of moving the goods.


The Basic Facilities That Are Being Offered Are:


Safety of Goods


When you entrust your goods to a storage facility, their safety is your prime concern. These units ensure that effective safety measures are taken, like controlled access to the unit, close circuit surveillance, alarms, proper fencing with high boundary walls, and night patrolling so that your goods remain safe during the storage period.


Different Storage Options


There are various storage options available which make it easy to choose the option that would suit you the best. In case you wish to store large items such as cars, SUVs, yachts, boats or RVs, you will get appropriate storage options of a closed space or an open one. Apart from the normal storage facilities in a storehouse, you can also rent portable storage options. In this case, the storage company delivers a storage container to you and you can fill it up. You can then either keep it on your location or the storage company would move it to the storage unit.


Other Flexible Options


In order to offer more flexible options to customers, the short term storage unit companies allow them to store goods either on a short-term or long-term basis depending on their needs. They also allow them to change their storage space requirements without any hassles so that they can save on rent charges if their need for storage space decreases later. The employees of the storage company are very helpful in determining the minimum amount of space required for the goods. Flexible payment plans are also offered so that the customers can choose the most convenient one.


Insurance is also arranged by the storage unit company for the period the goods are kept in the unit.


Packing and Moving Facility


Since most people do not have the time to arrange for packing and moving the goods, the storage unit companies help them in this regard and relieve them of the tensions associated with the same. Temperature controlled storage spaces are also offered for storing perishable goods and preventing them from damage due to excessive heat, mold, mildew, moisture, and other adverse weather conditions.


It is important to browse the websites of different storage unit companies and check the facilities being provided before choosing the one that would suit all your requirements.