Friday, October 14, 2011

Ways Self Storage Facilities Can Give Back

Want to make more money? Want to draw positive attention to your self storage facility? Want to increase your profits and book every self storage unit in your facility? Then be nice. True story—being nice does not always mean you finish last. Being nice at your business comes in so many different forms and you don't have to even take money into consideration in the whole process (except for the part where your sales increase and you start making more money). Giving to the community doesn't mean shelling out a lot of money to sponsor a sports team or something along those lines.


You can give back to your community by leaving boxes throughout the facility for people to donate unwanted clothes, books and other items. Think about how many people have been displaced by the horrendous state of the current economy. Think how many of the people that rent from you are storing their household goods because they've been forced out of their homes. If you set up a box for gently used clothes and books, others can greatly reap the benefits and you won't have to be bothered at all. You've now helped somebody and helped to create loyalty with a customer.


You can give back to the community by participating in a one of the hundreds of races, runs, and walks that take place every month to raise money for charities. Have people sponsor you. Wear your self storage facility t-shirts or something during the event to show your brand. Again, you are creating loyalty with people who like that you are taking time to help others and you are doing something nice for the community.


During the fall and winter, giving back is on the minds of so many people. Since it's October, you could do something for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Put up pink balloons, wrap pink paper around your main door, put up posters shows people ways to get involved. For Thanksgiving, put a box out in the office for a canned food drive. Promote an offer like 1 can = 1 % off next month's rent up to a certain amount to help raise food for a local food bank. Your company gets attention and the community receives resources. Work with the United States Marine Corps and have a Toys-for-Tots box at your storage facility. Again, promote that people can receive a small discount for donating. Have a crafty spouse make something like candles and set up a stand at one of the hundreds holiday crafts fairs that take place this time of year and say your company is donating the profits to charity.


Year round you can donate a small storage unit to a charitable organization to boost exposure and give back. Create a gift basket for a silent auction full of moving supplies for a local high school. The possibilities are truly endless. Think about what you could do to get your company's name out in the community and give back at the same time.


As we all know, most of our customers come from local markets and quite often from word of mouth; so make sure what people are saying is good and remember your storage facility's name when their friends and family mention they need self storage. Make sure that people have positive connotations of your company so that they will want to trust you to harbor their items. Instead of customers thinking, "Oh, right. I think I've heard of that storage place down the road, I guess I'll look into it." Have them think, "I'll go book with this storage facility because they came out and supported the March of Dimes last spring." Go out and do some positive promotion, give back, and complete random acts of kindness. It'll be good for your business, you as a person, and the community.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Adding Depth to Your Self Storage Facility

Your self storage facility is more than just a location full of storage units and an office; at least it can be more. In today's market, everybody is trying to find a way to be different. Most are trying to stand out from other places without having to put too much of a dent into their own pocket. There are many things that can be done and looking at what others have done can be a great source of inspiration.


Store Self Storage and Wine Storage, a Palm Beach Gardens Self Storage facility, was able to drum up some extra attention throughout the summer and into late September by opening up part of the facility for a green market. By opening up a covered portion of their facility, they were able to host essentially a farmer's market where local vendors brought in their home made or home grown goods. The event brought in people during the summer and provided a great source of word-of-mouth advertising. In October, the facility is hosting another event. They will be hosting a Wine and Design Showcase.


The green market and showcase that Store Self Storage and Wine Storage holds also garners them a lot of local attention from local, small media outlets. Perfect free advertising. Both events were also covered by The facility saw a need in the community and offered up a venue to satisfy that need and received a lot of attention for it.


Your business can do something similar. Fall is craft season. People love homemade goods from holiday presents. You can open up part of your facility for a small craft fair. Advertise around your community with simple fliers and posters. Or you could open up part of your business as a meeting facility. Allow organizations to rent out portions for group meetings and such. Just find something to bring in more people that won't have a deep out of pocket expense.


Another Chicago Self Storage Facility, LifeStorage of Libertyville, Ill., is hosting a used car tent show. Nine dealerships are in on the event that will surely bring in a lot of attention. Not only will people throughout their local area be informed of the event, but again, the facility is receiving attention from readers of This project is a little bigger and more involved, but it is just another option from which you can draw inspiration.


Host a flea market, local art show, bark in the park in your parking lot, or something that brings in people without costing you a lot of money. Take a look at your community and see what your facility can do to add to it. Are you in a college town where there are art students who would love to sell their stuff? Host a simple art show. Do you know of a car club that is looking for a place to show off their cars? Host a cruise-in.


Examine what your self storage facility has to offer and then make a difference in your community while enjoying the advertising benefits.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Preparing Yourself & Your Storage Facility for Hurricane Irene

With hurricane Irene coming, people from North Carolina up to Maine are preparing themselves for the worst. Generators, bottled water, canned food, and flash lights are just a few of the items flying off the shelves as people get ready for strong winds and rain. People along the east coast have had several days to prepare and still have a little time to get things together before Irene reaches the US. Meteorologists have been tracking the storm since it first started swirling and are constantly updating people about the latest projections for the impact. The high winds and rain that come with hurricanes can do a lot of harm and damage to people and property if proper measures are not taken ahead of time. Meteorologists track the storm and try to give people as much time as possible to prepare because there is a lot to be taken care of prior to the first rain drop falling.


Reports of gas stations being shut down, electricity going out and water services going down during after the storm have people scrambling to get their homes ready. In the confusion of preparing, don't forget businesses need to be ready also. There are measures you can take to prepare your storage facility for a hurricane or any inclement weather. It is important to keep your staff and clients safe and have your facility prepared to withstand the possible conditions.    


The North Carolina Self Storage Association has posted tips about what precautions should be taken to prepare your facility and your customers. Here are the tips that they recommend:

  • Listen to weather forecasts and any available information regarding the weather regularly. Anticipate the worst and be prepared to complete all the tasks for a safe and successful shut down and evacuation.
  • Locate the tools and equipment that may be needed and assemble it at a central location. Those items should include but are not limited to: flashlights, batteries, tarps, hand tools, etc.
  • Walk the facility and identify any items that can be secured or stored inside until the storm passes. Secure those items immediately.
  • Clear drains and downspouts to reduce flooding. Turn off any automatic timers for sprinkler systems.
  • Move any vehicles that may possibly prove to be in the way. If you have any boat/ RV parking, call those tenants to remind them to make sure their property is secure.
  • Be aware that in the days prior to a storm, the power may go out frequently. Determine if you want to limit property access during this time to only when the office is open.
  • Print a Rent Roll, Vacant Unit Report, Access Code Report, and an Insured Roll report from Store and any other reports you think you need to work with in the event that the power is out for an extended period of time.
  • Identify and collect important office documentation and move the data to a location that is not vulnerable to the situation at hand.
  • Unplug the computer, fax, modem lines and any other electrical equipment in the office that is not needed for emergency information. Move equipment away from windows.
  • Keep the telephone plugged in until you leave the facility. Charge your cell phone until the power goes out. Make sure that someone has a way to reach you whenever possible.

These are the tips that they recommend. There are other things to consider if you have a self storage facility that is in the path of a storm. You should also look into protecting your facility further. You should consider taking the time to tape up or board up large windows you may have in your office area. You should try to keep computers and other electronics far away from windows to try to keep them away from the elements in case a window does get broken or if the heavy rains break seals and start water leaks around windows. Also, you could post something on your facility's website letting customers know when, or if, you are closed.


Being prepared for the storm and taking precautions can save you a lot of time and money and ensure the safety of your storage facility, staff and clients renting storage units from you. Taking a little time ahead of time and investing in a few precautionary measures cannot hurt. The cliché of "it is better to be safe than sorry" is something to think about, especially when trying to deal with elements of nature.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Developing a Company Personality For Your Storage Business

The popular television series "Orange Country Choppers" didn't stay on the air for so many years and appeal to such a wide audience because people have a love for motorcycles and bike building. The people who built the bikes made it a ratings hit.

"Swamp People" on the History channel hasn't risen to be the number one cable show on TV on Thursdays because people have a secret yearning for hunting alligators or want to learn how to create rabbit gumbo. The personalities of these people doing the gator hunting and bayou cooking that make the show.

These same principles can work for your storage company. Give your company a personality. Post bios of some of the "key players" in your office online. Get a pet for your office and do a daily blog about what he does. Or if you have a birds nest that happens to be built near your office take pictures of it every day and post two sentences about it. Simple.

During the spring, thousands flocked to their computers to watch a live camera feed of Shiba Inu puppies. These puppies slept most of the day, yet at times over 10,000 were watching.

There is bound to be something you can find in or around your office or the self storage facility that might peak the curiosities of people and keep them checking on your site.

People are easy to entertain. Keep your site focused on your business, but have a little link on the the page for somebody to check in on whatever is happening at your office. Post on your Facebook or Twitter that "Sassy" your office cat has a new toy and put a 30 second video of her playing with it. People like to look at cats online. Why? Who knows, but they do.

Take advantage of the booming popularity of storage auctions. Post live feeds of your storage auctions. Advertise that the auctions are coming up, set up a web cam or have somebody film the event and post some of the more interesting parts online. Not online will that drive people to look at your site, but it might increase turn out at the auction.

Let's face facts. Most people probably don't check an online storage site when they sit down at their computers and do their online routines of checking email, social networking sites and favorite entertainment sites, but perhaps you can change that. Have something that people will want to come back and look at often. Have something that a consumer would want to share a link on their personal Facebook page about.

Create a simple buzz that will put your company in the minds of people. Self Storage is your business and your money maker, but it doesn't have to be the only thing that draws people to your site.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Facilities Offered By Storage Unit Companies


The use of a storage unit has become very popular nowadays mainly because people tend to accumulate far too many household items and since they do not wish to discard the old stuff, they are forced to store the excess goods in a mini storage. When a person is moving from one home to another, whether in the same city or elsewhere, there is a need to store household goods for the necessary shifting time period that is. If one wants to remodel or renovate his home, he would also need to use a storage unit to keep his household goods when the renovation work is going on in the house.


Facilities Offered by a Storage Unit


The amount and type of services being offered by self storage units have improved over the years. Other related services are also being offered to customers so that they do not have to take on the entire stress and headache of moving the goods.


The Basic Facilities That Are Being Offered Are:


Safety of Goods


When you entrust your goods to a storage facility, their safety is your prime concern. These units ensure that effective safety measures are taken, like controlled access to the unit, close circuit surveillance, alarms, proper fencing with high boundary walls, and night patrolling so that your goods remain safe during the storage period.


Different Storage Options


There are various storage options available which make it easy to choose the option that would suit you the best. In case you wish to store large items such as cars, SUVs, yachts, boats or RVs, you will get appropriate storage options of a closed space or an open one. Apart from the normal storage facilities in a storehouse, you can also rent portable storage options. In this case, the storage company delivers a storage container to you and you can fill it up. You can then either keep it on your location or the storage company would move it to the storage unit.


Other Flexible Options


In order to offer more flexible options to customers, the short term storage unit companies allow them to store goods either on a short-term or long-term basis depending on their needs. They also allow them to change their storage space requirements without any hassles so that they can save on rent charges if their need for storage space decreases later. The employees of the storage company are very helpful in determining the minimum amount of space required for the goods. Flexible payment plans are also offered so that the customers can choose the most convenient one.


Insurance is also arranged by the storage unit company for the period the goods are kept in the unit.


Packing and Moving Facility


Since most people do not have the time to arrange for packing and moving the goods, the storage unit companies help them in this regard and relieve them of the tensions associated with the same. Temperature controlled storage spaces are also offered for storing perishable goods and preventing them from damage due to excessive heat, mold, mildew, moisture, and other adverse weather conditions.


It is important to browse the websites of different storage unit companies and check the facilities being provided before choosing the one that would suit all your requirements.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How To Find Albuquerque Self Storage

How many times you need to sell your antique pieces just because you don't have space to store them? How many times you've rented your neighbor's basement area to store your household items or car? In the era of consumerism, we frequently buy products even without thinking where to store them. The sizes of houses are decreasing day by day, but needs and desires are continuously increasing. If you're also looking for a place to store your belongings, Albuquerque self storage is the best place. You can accommodate all your belongings in these storage facilities without taking anybody's favor. Anybody can rent out a place here and store anything. If your biggest concern is regarding the condition of your valuable belongings, don't worry. You can look for climate-controlled self storage in Albuquerque.

Climate-controlled Albuquerque self storage offers excellent environment to your belongings. Your personal possession will be absolutely safe from bacteria, dust, viruses, mildew, and mold. These units will also protect your belongings from paper rots, musty odors, and wood degradation. The best part is that you can store anything, for example, furniture, excess household stuff, clothing, curtains, books, paintings, artwork, among others. You can also store car, boat, RV, perishable goods, groceries, and electronic items such as TV, refrigerator, microwave, and so on. Depending upon your requirements and nature of goods, you can book self storage in Albuquerque. These units are available at very affordable prices. You can rent them till the time you require.

How to Find a Suitable Albuquerque Storage?

  • In this internet era, you no longer need to depend on any other source of information. You can get information about almost everything that you can think of. To find a suitable Albuquerque storage, browse the internet and look for all available self-storages in the area.


  • There are specialized websites dedicated to help visitors find excellent storage facilities. You can take advantage of them and find a suitable storage. Although there are many websites that offer information about self-storage units, but offers the most comprehensive information about self storage in Albuquerque. You just need to enter the zip or postal code of your area. All available options will be displayed on your computer screen.


  • Once you get a list of storage facilities in your area, you can check out what all services they offer. You can also ask for online price quotes.


  • To request for a price quote, simply submit your requirements, mention the type of storage units, space required, and time period, and submit. You will get price quotes within few moments.


  • Compare Albuquerque storage quotes. Select the best among them according to your requirements and budget. Once you have rented the space, you can store anything including electronic items, precious documents and belongings, furniture, clothing, car, RV, boat, and perishable goods.


Finding Albuquerque self storage is not difficult, especially when you have websites like

Self Storage in Times of Need

With the recent devastating storms to hit the US in the past few months, self storage companies continue to be one of the most giving industries when it comes to helping those in need.

During the holidays we listed many of the generous things that the storage industry was participating in our self storage blog, but the self storage and mobile storage generosities don't only occur during the holidays.

Here is a list of just a few of the recent activities the industry has participated in:

  1. Extra Space Storage recently offered two months free storage and a free $50 package of moving supplies to those affected by the devastating storms to hit Alabama. Link
  2. Scenic City Self Storage of Hixson, TN offered two months of rent free storage and was a drop off location for donations of food, clothing, and household supplies. Link
  3. A recent employee of a New England Self Storage Management group told us at a trade show that each and every month they ask their customers to "round-up" their rent payments to the nearest $0.50 or $1.00 and all proceeds from the "round-up" program are then donated each month to the great people and great program called Kure-It. Kure-it is a non-profit organization dedicated to funding innovative kidney and other cancer research. Kure-It Link
  4. Many of the employees at recently participated in a blood drive in Omaha, NE. Over 30 people attending and donated. We had so many donations that the blood mobile ran out of bags and turned a few people away!!

Each and every day the self storage industry continues to give and give, and we're very proud to be a part of it.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Winter Boat Storage Tips


As the first freeze and snowfall are already upon many of us we know that some of our favorite warm weather activities are well behind us until next year. If you haven't already stored away your boats and personal watercraft for the year it is time to stop procrastinating. If you don't take some proper boat storage precautions items corrode, burst, fail, or just go bad in extreme cold temperatures. Proper boat storage, especially draining fluids and making sure parts that can corrode are removed, can save you a lot of heartache and money next spring.

You are just asking for trouble if you don't drain the fluids. Some manufacturers recommend completely draining the fuel tank, while others want you to fill it up and mix in a winter/storage additive - ask your dealer or consult your manufacturer's website to be sure. An oil & oil filter change along with draining all the transmission fluid, if applicable, is advised. Changing or cleaning all of your filters (fuel filter, fuel tank pick-up screen, carburetor fuel screen, etc.) now is also a good idea so.

Water left in hoses can freeze or cause corrosion so be sure to drain water from hoses where this could happen including the engine circulation pump, transmission cooler, raw water pump, cooling system, etc. Clean the hoses and store them somewhere they will not be subjected to freezing temperatures and be sure to remember where you put them! Now would also be a good time to remove the battery to store it in a dry place that also won't be subject to freezing temperatures. If you are utilizing a self storage unit for the storage of your boat or personal watercraft you may want to look at a climate controlled self storage unit - the price is normally a little bit more but your boat will be safe from extreme temperatures while in storage.

Clean and wax your boat one last time before placing it in storage. If you are storing the boat outdoors a boat cover may be a good investment. If you are storing your boat outside you may also want to remove the drain plug. When removing the drain plug it may be a good idea to replace it with a mesh screen so water can get out but pests can't get in.

If you have other questions about storing your boat consult your manufacturer or your local marine center and if you are a do-it-yourselfer, your local marine center will most likely provide winterization services.

RV Storage Tips at Self Storage Facilities

Storing your RV can be pretty basic if you're storing it for a short period of time. In that case you just need to find a suitable self storage facility that allows RV's to be stored either in an indoor or outdoor RV storage unit. You'll need to make sure you can show proper ownership of the RV and insurance on the RV. If you're storing your vehicle for an extended period of time however you may need to take special steps to ensure mechanical problems don't arise. Here are a few quick "to do's" if you plan on using vehicle storage for an extended period of time:

  • Change the oil and filter
  • Make sure coolant levels are proper
  • Inflate the tires to proper pressure
  • Clean and wax the car
  • Slightly open a window
  • Release the parking break
  • Lock the doors

Other things to think about when you place your vehicle in storage for an extended period of time is making sure you periodically check the vehicle and run it for a short period of time (outside of your storage unit, of course).  Storing your vehicle in a secured storage unit could also lead to insurance discounts so be sure to let your insurance agent know when you place your vehicle in storage so you can see if you qualify for any discounts.

When choosing a self storage facility, be sure to look for the amenities that meet your needs. Are you able to access the facility after hours or on weekends - times you may want to take your RV out of storage?  Does the storage facility have any special rules about storing a vehicle - such as all fluids must be drained?

Last but not least, make sure you always pay your storage rent on a timely manner.  Most storage facilities have automatic payment options that allow you to pay your rent by credit card, e-check or automatic checking/savings account debit.

There are many different places to find more information on storing your possessions and a good self storage blog on a reputable website can provide you with a wealth of money saving and headache preventing information.

New Storage Amenities

There was a very nice article at about one of our members, Rose City Self Storage &
Wine Vaults, today and their recent investment into their wine vaults. The headline was "Nearly $4 million for a storage unit?", which was a little misleading but surely grabbed reader's attention. The developers of Rose City Self Storage & Wine Vaults found an excellent use for the subterranean space that existed in a historic building renovated to house self storage units. Not only did they turn their basement space into a product that meets the needs of a growing niche market but also found a way to differentiate themselves from other Portland Self Storage and Oregon Self Storage facilities.

Reading this article made us think about other amenities our members are adding to their self storage facilities in hopes of:

  • Meeting the specific needs of their self storage clients, or
  • Utilizing space for a higher and better use than traditional self storage, or
  • Gaining a competitive edge or unique selling tool over their competition

We know that over the past decade more facilities have added specific amenities to accomplish one or more of these 3 goals. Community centers, business centers and moving centers have become more common place as value-added services at many storage facilities.

Comment back with how you have added specific amenities to increase occupancy and make your self storage facility stand out from the competition. What is the most unusual amenity you have seen added to a facility? What amenities have you tried that haven't worked? We will post a follow-up blog next week with the responses from all of our members.

Safeguard Your Possessions

When looking to store any of their belongings many people ask how to keep their items safe.  A secure storage facility, locks and insurance is a good way to start.  Price and location is often a deciding factor for customers choosing their storage facility but the safety of your items should also be considered. 

  • Facility:  Many facilities now have surveillance cameras, a gated keypad entry and individual alarms on each door that is activated and deactivated with your code at the gate.  Some facilities now even have automatic locks.
  • Locks:  At most places the lock is your own so you need to choose wisely.  The standard steel padlock or brass locks are simple locks where the disc lock is a bit more challenging as it is harder to cut. 
  • Insurance:  If all else fails then at least you have a safety net. Insurance is a relatively inexpensive add-on to your storage unit.  This will cover your items if a break-in, accidents or damage caused by fires, floods, storms and other natural disasters. 

As each of these items is dealt with everyday by your local self storage facilities it's always best to ask them what they feel is best.  This will help give you the information needed to make the best decision for you. 

Self Storage Auction Buzz

The buzz around our office over the past few weeks has been about the new Auction Hunters and (coming soon) Storage Wars television shows, that follow a group of people looking to make a profit by buying and selling items they find at storage unit auctions around the country.

Being in the online marketing business it is really fascinating that auctions can be this exciting and prosperous for some. It also amazes us that someone would make a TV show with a focus on the self storage business!

Do you ever wonder if these shows are fixed? I have seen hundreds of auctioned self storage units and not seen anything worth a dime. I have opened storage units that were used by hunters to store game they caught and left, I have seen drug labs and worse. The one time I thought I found something worthwhile (2 nearly new jet skis with a trailer) it turned out the water craft were stolen and I lost them to law enforcement confiscation. In my opinion in watching these shows is that either they must film thousands of units being purchased, scope out the best units in advance that will make good tv and tell the bidders for the self storage units what is in them in advance or they stuff the units with something good. One of the episodes had nothing but junk in it but low and behold, when they were loading up an ottoman there was some $1,200 in cash in the bottom making the storage unit hunters big winners once again.

A word of caution before jumping into the storage auction business thinking treasures are a winning bid away -unless you know what you are looking for and can see the contents in advance don't over pay. Don't get caught up in the hype. There is money to be made in the self storage auction business but there is also plenty of money to be lost.

Saying that we were wondering if there were any "treasures" or good stories from auctions you've all participated in? As much as we've talked about it, I wouldn't be surprised to see some of our team members making a "field trip" to see one of these auctions in progress!

Ready for Black Friday?

It's the biggest shopping day of the year, are you ready? More than 140 million shoppers are geared up and ready for the big discounts and savings found on the busiest retail shopping day of the year. Do you have a plan to start combing through the ads to see which deals you do not want to miss? There are several sites that help you navigate through all the ads like and Many shoppers start at 3 or 4 am and with a plan of attack ready in hand. You have to shop with a purpose to get those items that are a must have.

Black Friday is a huge day for on-line sales as well but not the only important on-line shopping day rapidly approaching. If you haven't heard the terms "Cyber Thanksgiving" or "Cyber Monday" in the past you undoubtedly will this year. Many shoppers get a jump on their holiday shopping with on-line shopping for Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving and shoppers who didn't find what they were looking for over the weekend or just didn't want to brave the crowds turn to the internet on the Monday following Thanksgiving. A new relatively new option, for on-line shoppers, some self storage facilities even accept deliveries making it even easier to make sure your gifts remain a surprise.

So now that the shopping is done what are you going to do to keep your kids and significant other out of the gifts? Hiding Santa's gifts in a storage unit so they don't find them is one option. Many places offer month-to-month leases and can be as small as a storage closet or an attic crawl space.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The three R's! We all learned them over the past 20 years, but these days "Going Green" is catching on everywhere we look.

We here at are trying to do our part by cutting back on everything from paper invoices, working in the dark (ask Mike Jones), and anything we can think of that will decrease our carbon footprint in the world.

The self storage industry is using its storage facilities to assist in this endeavor and many times will offer an "On-Site Recycling Center" as a way to assist the efforts to reduce and reuse everyday items. Unfortunately as much as we'd all like to see tenants stay in their units for ever, many do move out and have a need to throw away many of the items they've kept in their storage lockers. Programs are popping up just like this Florida self storage facility each and every day to assist in the recycling of electronics, cell phones, batteries, plastic grocery bags, computers and more.

Not only does on-site recycling offer a good service to the community, it also allows self storage businesses the ability to bring more people by their facilities. Typically more traffic equals more tenants or at least the ability to build brand awareness to people who may not need storage, but know a few friends that do.

Practice Makes Perfect

Growing up in athletics, I always heard from coaches "practice like you're going to play," and "practice makes perfect," but I never believed them. I took practice to be a boring, time consuming event that kept me away from video games and trying to get the attention of girls.

As I grew up and joined a sales staff I realized these coaches might just be on to something! I was going to fail at sales if I didn't practice, and not just practice once, practice a lot!

Each and every day in our Reservation Center, our agents take hundreds of calls from people looking to be sold. They need a storage unit (or parking), but want us to convince them, that the facility they are interested in, is the best place to put their belongings. To be able to successfully handle as many storage facilities and calls as we do, practice is one of the keys to our success.

Every customer in this business has a story. It's our job as sales agents to make sure that the customer's story is appreciated and make sure that we fulfill their needs and wants to the best of our abilities. Because everyone's story is different we practice scenarios with our staff each and every week to better prepare our team to handle situations. I encourage the staff daily to try new things during our role playing situations as it's vital to a growing industry to be able to adapt, but more importantly be able to feel comfortable in any situation. Customers can sense fear and insecurity and will not feel comfortable giving vital personal information to a random stranger over the phone if you as a sales agent aren't confident (due to practice).

Colin Powell once said "There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."

My advice to improving your sales skill is this: practice and don't be afraid to fail. If you don't have anyone to practice with, there are a lot of available alternatives to use. Mystery shoppers, recordings of your calls and outside consultants are all great ways you can fine tune your selling skills. Feel free to call us at 866-880-0742 if you'd like to discuss any of these options, we know a lot of very intelligent, hardworking people in the self storage business.

Cost Per Rental?

Marketing is often getting cut because it is viewed as an expense when actually it should be viewed as an investment. You have to advertise to make the phone ring right? More often than not if people actually knew their "cost per rental," I think less and less people would view marketing as an expense.

What is cost per rental in the self storage industry? First, you must know the average value of a rental. I would bet that most of us are going to find our storage unit rentals value anywhere from $800 to $1000 by the time we figure average length of stay, packing supplies sold, insurance, etc. Another factor that would be valuable to know is what our average self storage unit "size" rental is worth. In other words, typically what do we average when renting a 10x10? I would definitely recommend knowing this, especially with the new self storage marketing mediums available that are "pay per performance." In most cases, paying $100 per rental should not be an issue but if my average 5x5 rental in a rural market is typically only worth $100, might not make sense to pay per rental on those particular units depending on the per rental cost.

Anyways, back to the cost per rental.

If I am paying $100 per month to a marketing source that is generating me 2 rentals, my cost per rental is $50. My average value of a rental is $800 therefore I am paying $100 to make $1600 (before factoring out any other expenses). When looking at the volume of rentals generated, it is easy to see why marketing mediums get cut. But when probing deeper and looking at the return generated (because I know my value of a tenant), I think I'll keep that marketing source.

Something to consider next time you are looking to cut "expenses".

Time to Pull Your RV out of RV Storage!

Summer is here and it's time for millions of RV'ers to pull their RV out of self storage and hit the road. If you enjoy exploring the US with your recreational vehicle (RV), you have lots of company. There are lots of things to do when preparing to go RV'ing.

First, Ensure you have your storage space when you return. After making these routine checks, don't forget to make sure your RV storage space is secured for when you finish your travels this summer. Prime RV storage spaces are hard to come by especially finding RV storage in California, RV Storage in Texas, RV Storage in Florida and other states that have large RV populations so when you find a storage facility that is safe and convenient makes sure you secure your spot early, which can also lead to large self storage discounts at this time of the year.

Here are some general tips that will help to steer you towards a stress-free season on the road:

Clean it up and air it out. Open all roof vents and windows and then remove any pest control items you may have placed during winter storage. It is also a good idea to clean or replace air conditioner filters.

Check for damage.

Change the engine oil and spark plugs. Many manufacturers recommend changing the oil and filter prior to storage and again in the spring. During storage, oil can separate and cause condensation buildup that may harm the engine. While replacing spark plugs, be sure to set the gaps to the recommended manufacturer's setting.

Inspect the engine.

Inspect the tires. Check for cracks, worn treads and correct tire pressure.

Check all lights. Make sure headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals are all functioning properly.

Prepare for a safe season. After checking all mechanical components, it's always a good idea to inspect your safety equipment. This means installing new batteries in flashlights and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and restocking the first-aid kit.

Hit the road and have fun. Check in here in the comments section or e-mail us with details of your RV'ing adventures and we will post them here for all to enjoy.


Nick Bilava of will be presenting a free webinar open to all members on Thursday, May 26th at 11 a.m. CDT. Nick is the Director of Sales & Marketing for and will give members tips on how to improve online visibility, drive more web traffic, optimize your web marketing and ultimately produce MORE SELF STORAGE RESERVATIONS.

To Register for this short 30 minute webinar please sign up by clicking the following link:


About is a trusted storage partner; serving the storage industry with aggressive and cost-effective Online Storage Marketing. Established in 2004, is the self storage industry leader with the longest standing storage directory with the largest member base, featuring over 18,000 member facilities. Storage customers using the online reservation network search real-time available storage units by facility location, unit size, property features and specials. Customers have an easy way to find, compare and securely reserve storage by credit card in minutes. These real-time reservations have been proven to convert to paying rentals for member facilities more than 90% of the time.


Monday, May 16, 2011

The differences in Self Storage in large & small cities

Self storage is evolving from your standard metal garage type buildings to much, much more. The differences in storage, how it works, pricing, amenities, etc. can be seen much more in larger cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Pheonix, Las Vegas & other major metropolitan areas.

Cities grow out, then up. The same is holding true for self storage. It is not uncommon to find new multi-story self storage facilities popping up around the US. Chicago Self Storage, Atlanta Self Storage, Los Angeles Self Storage, Dallas Self Storage and self storage in many other major metropolitan areas are taking on a whole new look. These facilities don't offer the standard drive-up to your roll-up door and unload your possessions type of storage. Here you will use a freight elevator to get to a storage unit or storage locker that can be as small as 2' x 3' and offer as little as 30 cubic feet of total storage (compared to an average sized unit in a traditional self storage facility that will be near 1,000 cubic feet).

New Consumer Demands Change Storage Marketplace

As you can see from the photos above, there are many different types of storage facilities operating today. Changes in consumer behavior, especially in larger markets, have influenced the self storage industry greatly. Storage owners have had to change inventory (more varied sizes and many more smaller units for people who just aren't buying as much), amenities, hours, services, etc.

It is not uncommon for self storage facilities in larger markets to operate almost as your logistics partner. Moving & Storage is technically logistics and you will find that facilities offer most things you need to make visiting your storage unit a productive part of your day. You will find internet access, shipping services, conference rooms, docks, forklifts and more at some storage faciltiies. Look at the photos below of a Chicago self storage facility called Life Storage Centers found at This company has several of their self storage facilities in Chicago on and other sites around the internet. Their description on the site is:

Life Storage is a Chicago-land based full service self-storage center serving families and businesses since 1985. We help you simplify your life and business with the right self storage solutions. Clean, secure, convenient and affordable, we provide the right size storage unit along with all the amenities you need, and most importantly, peace of mind.

The differences in services will also result in a difference in pricing. Make sure when you are searching for self storage facilities and checking prices that you are comparing apples to apples. A 5x5 storage unit that is $87 at one location and $140 at another surely is missing some of the amenities. Don't overpay for what you don't need either. If you don't need all the amenities of a full service type of self storage facility then you can save a lot of money by choosing one without all the bells and whistles. You can also save a lot of money by driving a little bit further but with gas prices these days be sure to factor in your time and fuel into your costs.

When thinking of self storage don't think just of the metal garage type buildings on the edge of town. Start to think of them as more of a full service storage, shipping, moving solution. Most people can now have a logistics partner - their self storage facility - especially in larger cities.



Storage tips for RV’s when parked in RV Storage Facilities

According to statistics, only four percent of people who own an RV or a recreational vehicle have the facility to store one at their residence. The rest of the RV owners, ninety-six percent, make use of RV storage facilities. Self-storage options are readily available and you can find many RV storage units, furniture storage units, cars storage facilities, garage storage facilities and boat storage areas as well!


What Is A Storage Facility?


Self storage is a facility that is available on a monthly rent where you can store your household goods, office archives, cars, and the like. From the earlier traditional models, these storage units have come a long way. Now, most of these storage units in the urban areas are climate-controlled self-storage options with all the modern technology. These modern warehouses have elevators, freight lifts, surveillance cameras, door alarms, keypad gate access, and so on. The size of the storage facilities varies, ranging from 10 ft × 5 ft to those which can accommodate two cars!


Things To Keep In Mind Before Finalizing RV Storage


You can store your RV in a climate-controlled facility or outside. If you decide to store your RV inside, you do not need to buy tyre covers, RV covers, which are quite expensive. In addition, you also protect your RV from the damages due to animals, bugs and weather. But storing your RV in a controlled facility is quite expensive. If you are thinking of storing your RV at one of the outside mini storage facilities available throughout the country, keep these following points in mind before finalizing any RV self storage unit:


  • Make sure the facility has a parking space that is paved. Do not go for those units that have gravelled or dirt parking areas.
  • The location of the facility that you finalize should be safe, that is, away from criminal activities, gangs and also homeless.
  • The periphery of the unit should be walled. There should not be chain link fence, instead high walls that nobody could easily climb.
  • The entry to the facility should be controlled through electronic gates and make sure that there are CCTV cameras installed that monitor who enters and who leaves the facility.
  • The area should be well-lit, especially during night time.
  • The space should be wide enough so that other people who have rented the space do not come into your space and you do not go into theirs.
  • Make sure that the driveway of your RV storage facility is wide so that your RV and other RVs can move freely without damaging the other vehicles.
  • You can also look for some additional services such as a dump station or a wash station.


So, now you just have to browse through the storage directory of your state and look for a mini storage unit to store the excess from your house and office. And now with the RV storage spaces also joining the ranks, you can park you RV safely at a monthly rent!


Self-storage spaces are those facilities where you can store anything, be it household items, office files, cars, boats, RVs and what not. Some of these units are also climate controlled self storage units and offer surveillance cameras and all other modern technology.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Phoenix Self Storage Tips - A How To For Phoenix Storage

Imagine that you have to move from the Phoenix area on a moment's notice, and you don't know where to store your furniture, home goods and possibly even your car. Some families search around the Phoenix area with a phone book, checking availability, negotiating price and inspecting self storage in Phoenix. This traditional way of locating storage will create results, but the cost in time may be too much when trying to get out of town in a hurry.

Now imagine the capabilities of a search engine like Google Maps to help you find the best self storage locations in the Phoenix area. With just a zip code, you can create a search that will return all the facilities within a 10-, 20- or 30-mile radius of your location. The search results will show you the current prices and availability of self storage units in your selected area. The time savings for one query that returns ten facilities compared to calling the same number of facilities is enormous.

The results of these searches are not from one Phoenix self storage company, but are a combination of many companies that subscribe to the service to help consumers locate the best storage solution. It's in the best interest of each company to keep their information up to date so that consumers can confidently select them from among many competitors. And the reviews are very positive from consumers that use the service to locate storage vendors.

Homeowners, renters and others may also access this easy-to-use search engine for mini storage solutions. We all find ourselves overloaded with extra items over the years like seasonal decorations, memorabilia that we just can't part with and other personal paraphernalia. Perhaps it's time to remodel the house, and you want to clear out all of your extras and make space for a new design. Whatever the need, self storage is the best answer to move those extra items out of the house and to put them in a safe and secure place. Finding that place is fast and easy with the online tools available from self storage search engines. To Power Self Storage Searches on

Contact: Mike Jones (866) 880-0742

(Omaha, NE) January 14, 2011 – is excited to have been chosen to power self storage searches on specializes in building search engines and their apartment search engine combines the listings from 10,000 listing sites, forums, newspaper classifieds and individual property management websites. At users can look for their perfect rental home in any location in the United States, making a partnership with a perfect fit. has the largest online storage footprint in the storage industry, covering more than 30,000 US markets with more storage units than any other site.'s decision to integrate the member base into their search results gives users access to the largest and longest standing online self storage directory. As a result of the partnership, users will now have the power of the member base available to solve their storage needs while searching for their next rental home in just a click. launched its Storage Syndication Program in November of 2010 and now powers self storage searches on more than 3,000 different websites, exposing member listings to more visitors each month than any other online storage marketing solution.

About Cazoodle

Building better search engines! Cazoodle specializes in building new search engines. Our mission is to help users make their decisions more efficiently as when they're looking for apartments for rent, or deciding on which products to buy. In such situations, users often end up spending hours and hours checking on possibilities spread across dozens of websites. Cazoodle's search engines aggregate information from thousands of online sources, creating a one stop-destination for users to quickly navigate through all their possible choices.



Established in 2004, is the self storage industry leader with the longest standing storage directory with the largest member base, featuring over 12,000 member facilities and nearly 3 million storage units nationwide. Storage customers using the online reservation network search real-time available storage units by facility location, unit size, property features and specials. Customers have an easy way to find, compare and securely reserve storage by credit card in minutes. These real-time reservations have been proven to convert to paying rentals for member facilities more than 90% of the time. The major property management systems now integrate with the online network including: Centershift STORE, SiteLink PC, SiteLink Web, DOMICO, Syrasoft, Storage Commander, StorMan, Symbio, Task Master, Total Recall and WinSen. is a trusted storage partner; serving the storage industry with aggressive and cost-effective Online Storage Marketing. can be reached at 866-880-0742 or by visiting their website at Self Storage Reservation Center Sees Record Numbers

(Omaha, NE) April 26, 2011 – reserved a record number of self storage units for their Reservation Center members during the first quarter of 2011.


Brian Bremer, Director of the Reservation Center, shared that Reservation Center members "saw considerable improvements in overall call volume and credit-card secured reservations in each of the first three months of 2011. March 2011 not only capped off a record setting quarter and was our biggest March ever but we produced more reservations in March 2011 than we have in any one-month period in the history of the Reservation Center."


The growth in reservations can be attributed to several factors including adding new Reservation Center clients. Bremer said "we have seen increasing awareness of our Reservation Center and how it works and as a result we have added new reservation center clients every week this year." operates a self storage Reservation Center, or call center for the Self Storage industry, which has no base fees for self storage clients. Instead, only charges Reservation Center clients when a reservation is made.


Mike Jones, Vice President of Operations for, shared that this model has proven to provide Reservation Center clients with one of the best returns on advertising dollars in the self storage marketing arena. Jones said "Our reservation center is truly a no-risk proposition for our members. Self storage owners, operators and managers alike know that they will have calls answered for their self storage facility up to 16 hours a day, so no opportunity is missed. It is a great deal for our members as they don't pay a fee unless we produce a new reservation, secured by a deposit, for our clients. We see move-in rates of more than 95% for our Reservation Center clients because we take a small deposit with the reservation. Since our clients only pay a small fee on a per-reservation basis, and they know that 95% or more of our reservations lead to a move-in, it is pretty easy to demonstrate to our members a superb return on their investment."


Mike Kucera, President and Founder of, echoed Jones's sentiments. Kucera shared "I feel the popularity and success of the Reservation Center has soared because every client using the Reservation Center has experienced a real return on their investment. For every $1 a reservation center client spends with us they see anywhere from $13 to more than $21 in new revenues."


The Reservation Call Center was started in 2007 as a complimentary service to their existing self storage marketing website. The Reservation Center offers a variety of your typical and not-so typical call center services to self storage operators. These services includes taking calls from marketing efforts, taking all calls from all call sources, or taking roll-over or after-hours calls. Bremer said "As we all know, missed calls are missed opportunities for revenue. Our rollover program not only helps grow revenue, but also helps keep current tenants happy to know that someone is there to help tend to their needs."


The reservation center has also seen steady growth in the number of new jobs it has created in the Omaha, NE area. Jones stated that "the number of individuals employed in the reservation center doubled in size in early 2010 and will double again before the end of May 2011."



About is a trusted storage partner; serving the storage industry with aggressive and cost-effective Online Storage Marketing. Established in 2004, is the self storage industry leader with the longest standing storage directory with the largest member base, featuring over 18,000 member facilities. Storage customers using the online reservation network search real-time available storage units by facility location, unit size, property features and specials. Customers have an easy way to find, compare and securely reserve storage by credit card in minutes. These real-time reservations have been proven to convert to paying rentals for member facilities more than 90% of the time.



Mike Jones

Vice President of Operations,

(866) 880-0742 To Power Self Storage Searches on


(Omaha, NE) March 8, 2011 – is pleased to announce a new partnership with The official launch date for is set for March 9, 2011.


Due to its category-leading domain name and leading functionality, is a must have opportunity for self storage operators to increase their internet presence and attract new storage customers. is a shopping and comparison website focusing on the self storage industry. The website provides a single source for potential self-storage customers to find a location nearest them with the size and features they need in a simple, unbiased and easy-to-use format.'s functionality allows self-storage customers the ability to compare features, price and promotions across multiple locations to identify and reserve the unit that best fits their self-storage needs.


In addition to the benefits to self-storage customers, offers an effective platform for self storage owners and operators to market their properties. "The internet is quickly becoming the primary customer acquisition channel for self storage operators. allows operators a venue to have their facilities viewed by thousands of unique visitors a month where customers can find and reserve a self storage unit on-line., due to its category-leading domain name, leading functionality and rapidly growing property inventory, is poised to become a dominant player in the arena of self storage lead generation," said Kenneth McCall, Director at


"We are excited about our partnership with," said Mike Jones, Vice President of Operations at "The ability for us to leverage the platform on behalf of our clients is a tremendous step forward for and gives additional visibility to our client base."


Through integration with most property management systems, allows for real-time reservations to be made on the syndication network, including launched its Storage Syndication Program in November of 2010 and now powers self storage searches on more than 3,000 different websites.


About is a self-storage lead generation website owned by Self Storage Co., LLC, a Utah corporation. In August 2010, entered into a network partnership agreement with US Storage Search, Inc. to co-develop and co-market self-storage listings on allows potential self-storage customers the ability to find a self-storage solution that best fits their needs in a simple, unbiased and relevant online format. As of March 8, 2011 more than 2,000 self storage properties and more than 11,000 mobile storage locations have signed up to be found on through its marketing partner


About is a trusted storage partner; serving the storage industry with aggressive and cost-effective Online Storage Marketing. Established in 2004, is the self-storage industry leader with the longest standing storage directory with the largest member base, featuring over 18,000 facility listings. Storage customers using the online reservation network search real-time available storage units by facility location, unit size, property features and specials. Customers have an easy way to find, compare and securely reserve storage by credit card in minutes. These real-time reservations have been proven to convert to paying rentals for member facilities more than 90% of the time.



Kenneth McCall            Mike Jones

Director,            Vice President of Operations,

(877) 874-1060            (866) 880-0742

Customer Service, still #1 for sales

When you look at all the different reasons you purchase a product or service or have loyalty to a brand or certain store, what stands out as the #1 key indicator for your loyalty? Sure, some people would say price but I bet you would be willing to pay more, possibly a lot more if you are treated well and experience top-notch customer service; I know I would.

Shopping for a self storage facility isn't any different. When a potential customer calls or walks in and has questions, they expect the same top notch service and willingness to help. Actually, the average storage consumer probably demands a little more just because a lot of the time, renting a storage unit isn't necessarily the most "happy" times in our lives. Divorces, military deployment, death of a loved one are all possibilities and everyday occurrences that have us shopping self storage companies. The manager that is willing to hear the person out, create a friendly conversation, and solve their problem will earn the business 9 times out of 10. In fact, you can convert 50% of your callers on the 1st call just by being friendly and helping solve their storage need. It isn't always about the cheapest storage, it's about making the consumer feel comfortable and treat them as you would want to be treated if it were you shopping self storage locations.

De-Clutter Your Home Before Trying to Sell

Have you ever watched the "Sell My House" type of shows on TV where an "expert" is brought in to get a house sold that just won't sell without their expertise and assistance? While every home on those shows is different, one common theme runs through every episode - get everything out of the house that you can. A house that is free of clutter gives potential buyers an opportunity to envision the house as their home. We have shown homes to prospective buyers that were 20-25% smaller than a home that was "full" and the buyers came away with the feeling that the smaller house was larger.

Prospective home buyers will look at every room and mentally decorate it with their own furniture and artwork so the less you have in your home that could potentially distract them from that important step. The buyer's first step in mentally placing their furniture in the room they are looking at is to make an immediate judgment as to whether or not their stuff will fit. If they don't think there is enough room, an immediate obstacle is created that could eliminate your home from the running in their purchase decision.

People don't like to get rid of their stuff, which is why your house may be cluttered right now! When buyers look at a room in your house and determine whether or not it will work for them their thought process will not be "well the room isn't big enough for my stuff but it will be if I get rid of some stuff". Their thought process is more likely to be "well, the room isn't big enough for my stuff so the room probably doesn't work for me" and if the rooms don't work, the house won't work.

When selling your home it is important to "stage" it as well as you can. Put everything you do not need on a regular basis into a self storage unit. Take that extra chair in the living room, the desk you don't need in your bedroom, the extra coffee, side and end tables, the leaf in your dining room table and extra chairs in your dining room and anything else you can spare to a storage unit. Make sure your closets aren't completely full. If it is summer time, pack up all of your winter clothes (or vice versa) and put them and as many pairs of shoes as you can in storage as well. Anything that you have in a box in your home can probably be moved to your storage unit as well. Put any artwork you can into storage, as well as extra rugs, runners and floor mats. If you are a pet owner you will want to try to hide the evidence that a pet is in the home as much as possible by putting extra kennels, pet supplies and other related items into storage as well. You don't want to make your home appear empty. The goal is to make it appear day-to-day livable and comfortable but not to have your possessions negatively influence their decision to purchase due to lack of space or general design aesthetic - as beautiful as your home may be, no purchaser will keep it exactly the same.

Self storage units are an easy way to clear your house of clutter. Almost every storage facility offers their storage units on a short-term basis (normally month-to-month leases) so you won't have to be separated from your belongings any longer than necessary and won't pay for storage longer than you need it. Many storage facilities offer move-in specials, use of a moving truck and other offers to help reduce the cost of removing the clutter from your home. The cost of the storage could be looked at as an investment as what you pay for the storage can be recouped several times over in increased purchase offers on your home. If you don't have the time to make trips to the self storage facility you can also consider having a storage container delivered to your home by a mobile storage operator. The storage containers are delivered to your home for you to fill at your convenience then picked up and taken to the portable storage operators secure facility and then it can be delivered to your new home after your move.

Cost Per Rental?

Marketing is often getting cut because it is viewed as an expense when actually it should be viewed as an investment. You have to advertise to make the phone ring right? More often than not if people actually knew their "cost per rental," I think less and less people would view marketing as an expense.

What is cost per rental in the self storage industry? First, you must know the average value of a rental. I would bet that most of us are going to find our storage unit rentals value anywhere from $800 to $1000 by the time we figure average length of stay, packing supplies sold, insurance, etc. Another factor that would be valuable to know is what our average self storage unit "size" rental is worth. In other words, typically what do we average when renting a 10x10? I would definitely recommend knowing this, especially with the new self storage marketing mediums available that are "pay per performance." In most cases, paying $100 per rental should not be an issue but if my average 5x5 rental in a rural market is typically only worth $100, might not make sense to pay per rental on those particular units depending on the per rental cost.

Anyways, back to the cost per rental.

If I am paying $100 per month to a marketing source that is generating me 2 rentals, my cost per rental is $50. My average value of a rental is $800 therefore I am paying $100 to make $1600 (before factoring out any other expenses). When looking at the volume of rentals generated, it is easy to see why marketing mediums get cut. But when probing deeper and looking at the return generated (because I know my value of a tenant), I think I'll keep that marketing source.

Something to consider next time you are looking to cut "expenses".