Friday, October 14, 2011

Ways Self Storage Facilities Can Give Back

Want to make more money? Want to draw positive attention to your self storage facility? Want to increase your profits and book every self storage unit in your facility? Then be nice. True story—being nice does not always mean you finish last. Being nice at your business comes in so many different forms and you don't have to even take money into consideration in the whole process (except for the part where your sales increase and you start making more money). Giving to the community doesn't mean shelling out a lot of money to sponsor a sports team or something along those lines.


You can give back to your community by leaving boxes throughout the facility for people to donate unwanted clothes, books and other items. Think about how many people have been displaced by the horrendous state of the current economy. Think how many of the people that rent from you are storing their household goods because they've been forced out of their homes. If you set up a box for gently used clothes and books, others can greatly reap the benefits and you won't have to be bothered at all. You've now helped somebody and helped to create loyalty with a customer.


You can give back to the community by participating in a one of the hundreds of races, runs, and walks that take place every month to raise money for charities. Have people sponsor you. Wear your self storage facility t-shirts or something during the event to show your brand. Again, you are creating loyalty with people who like that you are taking time to help others and you are doing something nice for the community.


During the fall and winter, giving back is on the minds of so many people. Since it's October, you could do something for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Put up pink balloons, wrap pink paper around your main door, put up posters shows people ways to get involved. For Thanksgiving, put a box out in the office for a canned food drive. Promote an offer like 1 can = 1 % off next month's rent up to a certain amount to help raise food for a local food bank. Your company gets attention and the community receives resources. Work with the United States Marine Corps and have a Toys-for-Tots box at your storage facility. Again, promote that people can receive a small discount for donating. Have a crafty spouse make something like candles and set up a stand at one of the hundreds holiday crafts fairs that take place this time of year and say your company is donating the profits to charity.


Year round you can donate a small storage unit to a charitable organization to boost exposure and give back. Create a gift basket for a silent auction full of moving supplies for a local high school. The possibilities are truly endless. Think about what you could do to get your company's name out in the community and give back at the same time.


As we all know, most of our customers come from local markets and quite often from word of mouth; so make sure what people are saying is good and remember your storage facility's name when their friends and family mention they need self storage. Make sure that people have positive connotations of your company so that they will want to trust you to harbor their items. Instead of customers thinking, "Oh, right. I think I've heard of that storage place down the road, I guess I'll look into it." Have them think, "I'll go book with this storage facility because they came out and supported the March of Dimes last spring." Go out and do some positive promotion, give back, and complete random acts of kindness. It'll be good for your business, you as a person, and the community.

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