Saturday, May 14, 2011 Self Storage Reservation Center Sees Record Numbers

(Omaha, NE) April 26, 2011 – reserved a record number of self storage units for their Reservation Center members during the first quarter of 2011.


Brian Bremer, Director of the Reservation Center, shared that Reservation Center members "saw considerable improvements in overall call volume and credit-card secured reservations in each of the first three months of 2011. March 2011 not only capped off a record setting quarter and was our biggest March ever but we produced more reservations in March 2011 than we have in any one-month period in the history of the Reservation Center."


The growth in reservations can be attributed to several factors including adding new Reservation Center clients. Bremer said "we have seen increasing awareness of our Reservation Center and how it works and as a result we have added new reservation center clients every week this year." operates a self storage Reservation Center, or call center for the Self Storage industry, which has no base fees for self storage clients. Instead, only charges Reservation Center clients when a reservation is made.


Mike Jones, Vice President of Operations for, shared that this model has proven to provide Reservation Center clients with one of the best returns on advertising dollars in the self storage marketing arena. Jones said "Our reservation center is truly a no-risk proposition for our members. Self storage owners, operators and managers alike know that they will have calls answered for their self storage facility up to 16 hours a day, so no opportunity is missed. It is a great deal for our members as they don't pay a fee unless we produce a new reservation, secured by a deposit, for our clients. We see move-in rates of more than 95% for our Reservation Center clients because we take a small deposit with the reservation. Since our clients only pay a small fee on a per-reservation basis, and they know that 95% or more of our reservations lead to a move-in, it is pretty easy to demonstrate to our members a superb return on their investment."


Mike Kucera, President and Founder of, echoed Jones's sentiments. Kucera shared "I feel the popularity and success of the Reservation Center has soared because every client using the Reservation Center has experienced a real return on their investment. For every $1 a reservation center client spends with us they see anywhere from $13 to more than $21 in new revenues."


The Reservation Call Center was started in 2007 as a complimentary service to their existing self storage marketing website. The Reservation Center offers a variety of your typical and not-so typical call center services to self storage operators. These services includes taking calls from marketing efforts, taking all calls from all call sources, or taking roll-over or after-hours calls. Bremer said "As we all know, missed calls are missed opportunities for revenue. Our rollover program not only helps grow revenue, but also helps keep current tenants happy to know that someone is there to help tend to their needs."


The reservation center has also seen steady growth in the number of new jobs it has created in the Omaha, NE area. Jones stated that "the number of individuals employed in the reservation center doubled in size in early 2010 and will double again before the end of May 2011."



About is a trusted storage partner; serving the storage industry with aggressive and cost-effective Online Storage Marketing. Established in 2004, is the self storage industry leader with the longest standing storage directory with the largest member base, featuring over 18,000 member facilities. Storage customers using the online reservation network search real-time available storage units by facility location, unit size, property features and specials. Customers have an easy way to find, compare and securely reserve storage by credit card in minutes. These real-time reservations have been proven to convert to paying rentals for member facilities more than 90% of the time.



Mike Jones

Vice President of Operations,

(866) 880-0742

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