Monday, May 16, 2011

Storage tips for RV’s when parked in RV Storage Facilities

According to statistics, only four percent of people who own an RV or a recreational vehicle have the facility to store one at their residence. The rest of the RV owners, ninety-six percent, make use of RV storage facilities. Self-storage options are readily available and you can find many RV storage units, furniture storage units, cars storage facilities, garage storage facilities and boat storage areas as well!


What Is A Storage Facility?


Self storage is a facility that is available on a monthly rent where you can store your household goods, office archives, cars, and the like. From the earlier traditional models, these storage units have come a long way. Now, most of these storage units in the urban areas are climate-controlled self-storage options with all the modern technology. These modern warehouses have elevators, freight lifts, surveillance cameras, door alarms, keypad gate access, and so on. The size of the storage facilities varies, ranging from 10 ft × 5 ft to those which can accommodate two cars!


Things To Keep In Mind Before Finalizing RV Storage


You can store your RV in a climate-controlled facility or outside. If you decide to store your RV inside, you do not need to buy tyre covers, RV covers, which are quite expensive. In addition, you also protect your RV from the damages due to animals, bugs and weather. But storing your RV in a controlled facility is quite expensive. If you are thinking of storing your RV at one of the outside mini storage facilities available throughout the country, keep these following points in mind before finalizing any RV self storage unit:


  • Make sure the facility has a parking space that is paved. Do not go for those units that have gravelled or dirt parking areas.
  • The location of the facility that you finalize should be safe, that is, away from criminal activities, gangs and also homeless.
  • The periphery of the unit should be walled. There should not be chain link fence, instead high walls that nobody could easily climb.
  • The entry to the facility should be controlled through electronic gates and make sure that there are CCTV cameras installed that monitor who enters and who leaves the facility.
  • The area should be well-lit, especially during night time.
  • The space should be wide enough so that other people who have rented the space do not come into your space and you do not go into theirs.
  • Make sure that the driveway of your RV storage facility is wide so that your RV and other RVs can move freely without damaging the other vehicles.
  • You can also look for some additional services such as a dump station or a wash station.


So, now you just have to browse through the storage directory of your state and look for a mini storage unit to store the excess from your house and office. And now with the RV storage spaces also joining the ranks, you can park you RV safely at a monthly rent!


Self-storage spaces are those facilities where you can store anything, be it household items, office files, cars, boats, RVs and what not. Some of these units are also climate controlled self storage units and offer surveillance cameras and all other modern technology.


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