Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The three R's! We all learned them over the past 20 years, but these days "Going Green" is catching on everywhere we look.

We here at are trying to do our part by cutting back on everything from paper invoices, working in the dark (ask Mike Jones), and anything we can think of that will decrease our carbon footprint in the world.

The self storage industry is using its storage facilities to assist in this endeavor and many times will offer an "On-Site Recycling Center" as a way to assist the efforts to reduce and reuse everyday items. Unfortunately as much as we'd all like to see tenants stay in their units for ever, many do move out and have a need to throw away many of the items they've kept in their storage lockers. Programs are popping up just like this Florida self storage facility each and every day to assist in the recycling of electronics, cell phones, batteries, plastic grocery bags, computers and more.

Not only does on-site recycling offer a good service to the community, it also allows self storage businesses the ability to bring more people by their facilities. Typically more traffic equals more tenants or at least the ability to build brand awareness to people who may not need storage, but know a few friends that do.

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